Save pool cleaning time, save money, use less chemicals and waste less water. Relax and enjoy your pool while your Revolution robot pool cleaner goes to work.

REVOLUTION robots take the hassle out pool cleaning, doing all the hard work while you sit back, relax and enjoy your pool. Don’t get stuck dealing with messy hoses, constantly broken parts, high chemical bills, water wastage and over the top energy bills.


Revolution III

Programmable Powerhouse

The REVOLUTION III takes robotic pool cleaning to the next level. Packed full of useful features for advanced operation and convenience that removes all the hard work from pool cleaning. Discover the ultimate in pool cleaning technology today.

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  • Suitable for all pool types up to 12m, cleans floor, walls and waterline
  • Dual drive motor enhances maneuverability and navigation, ideal for any pool style and shape
  • Advanced power supply: fast cleaning cycle, delayed start, filter full indicator and weekly timer
  • Fully optioned remote control for navigation and programming
  • Caddy for easy storage and handling


Revolution II

Proven & Reliable Performer

In just 2.5 hours the REVOLUTION II will leave your pool sparkling clean and ready for everyone to enjoy. It scrubs, brushes and vacuums the floor, walls and waterline efficiently. This proven and reliable solution takes all the hard work out of pool cleaning.

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  • Suitable for pool types up to 12m (+3m wide), cleans floor, walls and waterline
  • Brush option to suit pool – PVC (PVC Brush – for rough pool surface) or WB (Wonder Brush – for smooth pool surfaces)
  • High volume, low micron filter bag


Revolution I

Robust Groundwork

Lightweight and easy to handle, the REVOLUTION I expertly brushes, scrubs and vacuums the pool floor and alcoves in minimal time with smart robotic navigation. Requires no pre-installation or connection to the existing pool system.

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  • Pool types up to 10 metres (+3m wide)
  • Floor cleaning model only
  • Easy clean cartridge filtration

Product Features

The next level of robotic pool cleaning

Outstanding results

Thorough brushing, scrubbing and filtering of dirt and debris from all areas of the pool, creates excellent pool water that feels fresh.

Maximum coverage

An intelligent navigation system with scanning software enables systematic cleaning that ensures maximum coverage for your pool.

Energy saving

Studies prove that robotic pool cleaners are the most efficient way to clean your pool! Depending on your current pool cleaner, savings of up to $960 per year can be achieved.

Hassle-free operation

All models are plug & play meaning initial set-up is a breeze. Internal filtration systems are simple to remove and clean from the robot.

Swivel cable

As your robotic pool cleaner moves around the pool, the swivel ensures that the cable stays free and clear.

24 Month Warranty

Industry leading 24 Months Warranty provides peace of mind.

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Product comparison Revolution III Revolution II Revolution I
Cleans floors & alcoves
Cleans walls & waterline
Pool size (up to) 12m 12m (+3m wide) 10m (+3m wide)
Caddy Optional Optional
Cleaning times 2/3/4 hours 2.5 hours 3 hours
Cable length 18m 18m 15m
Swivel (cable protection)
Motor overload protection
Escape mode
Filter types Large capacity bag Large capacity bag Cartridge
Programmable power supply (inc. weekly timer)
Programmable remote inc. cleaning cycles
Filter bag Full Indicator
2 Yr Warranty

Work smarter, not harder... Clean your pool the easy way with a robot. Join the robot Revolution!


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